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Powder coating is an Electro Static Coating (ESD) used primarily for metal. It involves applying polymer resin-based powder, available in numerous colors, textures, and finishes, through an electrostatic charge and curing process.

Powder coating offers durability, weather resistance, and strength superior to paint. It is versatile, available in a wide range of colors and finishes, and environmentally friendly with minimal pollutants.

Yes, powder coating releases minimal pollutants and has fewer exhaust fumes than traditional paint. Excess powder is filtered for recycling, reducing waste.

Sandblasting, or media blasting, smoothens surfaces before powder coating. It’s ideal for restoring old parts, ensuring the best results in the powder coating process.

Almost anything metal can be powder coated, from wheels and bike frames to various metal parts. The process provides a long-lasting and strong finish.

Powder coating is more durable and longer-lasting than paint. It forms stronger molecular chains during curing, resulting in a robust finish.

Yes, we provide ceramic coating services, adding an extra layer of protection and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the coated surfaces.

Yes, powder coating allows for layering, creating unique effects based on the combination of powders used. This includes single-stage and triple-stage powder coating.

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