Sandblasting, sometimes referred to as media blasting, is the process of shooting an abrasive material against a surface to make it smooth.

In our case, we blast and prep everything before it gets powder coated. Whether it is wheels, bike frames, or any other metal part, sandblasting is a great way to restore old parts that need some refurbishing.

Sandblasting NJ_Intuitive Powder Coating

Benefits of sandblasting

Media blasting can take old parts, and help make them look new again. Just check out the picture below:

Sandblasting NJ_Intuitive Powder Coating_2

In order to prep the part for powder we blasted it to ensure the smoothest surface possible. This ensures that the powder coat applied comes out as good as it possibly can.

So, instead of trying to prep those parts yourself, be sure to give us a call to see if we can blast it for you!

We handle parts from wheels, to bike frames, and everything in between. If it is metal, and it needs refurbishing, we can blast it back to new.


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