Ceramic Coating

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a heat resistant coating that is similar to powder coating in some ways, but provides much more for parts beyond durability and looks. For the most part, ceramic coating is used on pieces within an engine bay to keep under hood temperatures down and exhaust temperatures up. This means that many people will use ceramic on their headers, turbos, downpipes, and exhaust to keep as much of the exhaust heat within the exhaust itself.

Ceramic coating is durable:

Ceramic coating is applied in a variety of ways. It can be shot on to a piece through a liquid medium, or it can be shot as a powder in combination with high heat so that it effectively melts on to the part that is being ceramic coated. To cure the ceramic coated part to form its protective and insulating properties, it must be installed and run at operating temperatures for the necessary chemical reactions to occur. This coating is beneficial to parts within an engine bay because not only does it form a corrosion proof barrier, but it also protects the exhaust from any debris or damage that can be caused from driving, and it can also insulate parts within the engine bay.

Ceramic coating insulates:

While a ceramic coating can protect an exhaust from corrosion and damage, it can also act as a great way to manage heat within an engine bay. Ceramic is not a good conductor of heat, so when applied to the outside of an exhaust it contains the heat within the exhaust as opposed to releasing it in to the engine bay. This means that with a ceramic coating, you can lower the temperatures within your engine bay to cool the air your car is taking in, and since the exhaust is insulated the exhaust gasses within it will travel out of a car faster due to the increased heat. All of this boils down to a simple idea of cooler air in and hotter air out, which means better engine performance and more power.


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